From the Wantirna LAC President – Coles Badges, Subway Patches and Correct Club Uniform

A reminder from the Knox LAC has been emailed out to all families today (18 November 2019) regarding the Coles Badges and wearing of Subway Patches at Knox LAC competition. It was noted on Sunday that a number of athletes still had JetStar badges on their tops or still did not have their Subway Patches pinned to their club top and athletes competing in 50 year anniversary tops  or other jumpers covering their club tops.

The following email was sent from Knox LAC Secretary today.

To All Athletes & Parents,

Just in case you missed the post on Social Media over the weekend…..please refer to the below.

No athlete should have a JetStar patch on their club singlet, please make sure these are removed as soon as possible & replaced with the Coles patch. (If you need a Coles patch see your club)

Athletes cannot compete in 50th anniversary tops – they must be in club singlets with their Subway patch visible at the front.

This is also a requirement from LAVic to give our major sponsors maximum coverage for advertising their brand.

For those families that are new to Little Athletics & your son or daughter is competing at Regionals or State Championships.

It would pay to familiarize yourself with the LAVic guidelines for Centre uniforms. (see link below)

If you have any further questions please ask one of your club committee members

Thanks in advance.

Rob Monteath
Secretary Knox Little Athletics Centre
Ph: 0401 699 413

I would like to iterate that it is a Wantirna LAC requirement to wear the club uniform correctly at all weekly competitions. If your child’s singlet has the JetStar patch on it, please remove before the next weekend. If you need a Coles badge, our Team Manager has some available at the club desk.

It is likely over the next couple of weeks that Knox LAC will ask event Chiefs to check uniforms and it may mean that your child is not permitted to compete until the uniform is correct, with the Coles Badge and Subway patch attached.

I would also like to ask that athletes do not compete at an event in jumpers or other tops that cover the club singlet. If the weather is cold, then jumpers etc, will need to be taken off while competing in the event, and can then be put back on while waiting for their next event to stay warm.

If you forget to bring the Subway patch or lose one, temporary patches are available from the office in the grandstand.

One final thing

As we are now moving in to the warmer weather and summer is around the corner, please ensure that your child has a hat, sunscreen on and has access to plenty of water to keep hydrated. Sunscreen is available at the team desk each week. This also applies to parents particularly if you are on duty!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


David Kearsley

President | Wantirna LAC

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