Message from Little Athletics Victoria – Uniform Patches and Coles Badges

All families registered with Little Aths will have received an email from Little Athletics Victoria about the wearing registration patches and Coles badges. Please make sure for those that are competing at open days and upcoming regional relay events that you wear you registration patch and the uniform has the Coles sew on badge. The Little Aths Vic email is below.

Dear Parents and Athletes,

At this time of the year, there are competition events that are occurring outside of your normal Centre activities, which is a great opportunity for all athletes to experience not only the competition elements but importantly the social interaction with your fellow athletes.

To ensure all athletes are aware of the uniform requirements when competing in Little Athletics and to avoid confusion, the following applies.

• The registration patch must be worn on the front of the Centre and Club (where applicable) uniform at all Little Athletics competition activities.

The registration patch, is the Subway patch that has the athletes name and age group printed on them. This is to be worn, every time the athlete is competing regardless of location.

Outside of normal Centre competition, there are Open Day’s and the Multus Combined Events to name a few. At these events, the athletes uniform requires this patch to be worn, additionally the Coles sew on badge is to be added to the uniform above the LAVic logo.
For those athletes competing in the Region Relay Carnivals next weekend, all athletes will also be required to wear the SUBWAY registration patch.

Thanks and good luck with your events coming up.


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