Cake Stall and Raffle 30th November 2019

All families will have received and email recently from Leanne regarding the upcoming cake and raffle stall on Saturday November 30th. This is an important fundraising event for Wantirna LAC. This year we will not be running a Bunnings BBQ so this is our best opportunity to make enough money to cover our trophy costs for the year.
The committee have been working on some ideas that will maximise our return whilst not placing high demands on our families to make it happen.

What we need from you:
– A raffle prize. This year we want to reduce the amount of packaging required to turn your donations into raffle prizes, and the amount of “stuff” we are putting out there. We’d like to suggest gift vouchers (of any denomination and for any retailer you like) to attract people and optimise our ticket sales particularly in the lead up to Christmas. It would be great for some families to chip in together. Of course, if you have a prize you would like to donate we will most gratefully accept it.
Please ensure all raffle donations are given to myself or Janine at the track by the 23rd November. Alternatively, Leanne is happy to collect from you directly if required.

What we need from you:

  • Something edible for the cake stall. We will be selling snow cones from the stall, a novelty we hope will be a good seller (who doesn’t like shaved ice with cordial on top) as well as a selection of treats.
  • We want to make it as easy as possible so the committee suggests the following good selling items (based on previous years experiences and careful consideration of the two stalls that have run this season):
    • Cookies and biscuits (such as the Woolies Choc chip $2 range)
    • Cupcakes – the more visually appealing the better
    • Jelly cups / frog in the pond (don’t buy spoons, we have heaps).
    • Chocolate crackles / honey joys.
  • An hour or two of your time: We can only do this if we have people to man the stall. We need ticket sellers (at the stall and roving), shaved ice co-ordinators and cake sellers.

We understand that with at least 10 families doing duty that day some will be unavailable (especially those with young children) but please let me know if you can fit in a short stint on the stall.

Thank you for your assistance, without input from all families we cannot maximise this opportunity. Don’t hesitate to contact Leanne Hawke or any of the Committee members if you have any feedback, comments or questions.


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